How to Make an application for an eTA Visa Canada


Getting a visa to go to Canada has become easier because of eTA Canada. Before, the application form for a visa to enter Canada required going to local government firms but with the advancement of technology, it is currently possible to complete all the paperwork online in close to 10 minutes.

What’s the Canadian visa eTA?

Canadian visa eTA (electronic travel authorization) can be an application that travellers can use to get an eTA Canada. The application form allows the travellers with an internet connection to complete everything required for the application and upload their relevant documents. An eTA Canada is valid the same manner as a Canadian visa and it could be obtained online in 3 simple actions.
The web application means that you can apply for the visa in the comfortable surroundings of your own home, and even better it’ll only take a few minutes. Once the application is complete you can expect to make your visa in about 2 hours and within 72 hours at the latest.
Effective from March 15, people flying into Canada must have an eTA, and the simple application process is making the complete process effective. We invite you to use the application form for a hassle-free program process, and should you encounter any problems during your application, we will be happy to assist you.

Who Can Apply for Canadian visa eTA?

As the Canadian visa eTA is now accessible through the web application it still remains a privilege rather than everyone can have it.

If you want to apply for eTA Canada you will need a valid passport and you need to be a citizen of 1 of the precise countries that may use the online application platform. Accepted candidates are from most European countries like the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and the Scandinavian countries.
When applying, prepare yourself to provide basic information like your name, gender, and place and date of birth as is it is on your passport. It’s also advisable to be able to provide any additional information which will be required to evaluate your eligibility for access into Canada.
If you’re going to be traveling with any children, keep in mind that they can not get a visa waiver because they are vacationing with you and they will need their own eTAs.

What is the application form Process Like?

Before you start the application factors to consider that your passport is valid, preferably with a validity amount of 6 months or more. In case your passport is in order, you can then complete the application form in 3 simple steps.

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The first step is to fill out your application form, making certain you provide all the mandatory details. It is important to complete your passport amount details because they are in the passport because your eTA will be connected to your passport. You will not need any physical evidence of eTA Canada as everything will be linked electronically.
The next step is important and is for checking and verifying your details. Do this well, because trying to improve any information later can cost you more time, and also you may not necessarily have this time.
The final step is to pay a processing fee and submit the application. Following that, if your application is approved, you should obtain it within 3 days.