Start Your Christmas Shopping Early With These 5 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas!

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early With These 5 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas!

September is just a few days away, and once that starts, you know what that means: Christmas is near! Oh yes, the BER months are here and with it comes the quiet signal that the holidays are fast approaching!For busy people, Christmas can be a very stressful time with all that rushing around and buying holiday gifts at the last minute. With all the buzzing and hurrying around we do these days, especially come Christmas-time, we sometimes fail to appreciate the true beauty and meaning of this special holiday.So to avoid (or to lessen) all the hassle and stress last-minute gift shopping for the holidays can bring, get started on your Christmas shopping now! You might think it’s weird to go shopping for Christmas gifts as early as September, but it is actually a practical and stress-free strategy! Buying a holiday gift this early will not only save you the hassle of last-minute-braving-the-huge-crowd-of-holiday-shoppers situations, but it can give you enough time to think of gifts that are thoughtful, and not something generic and last-minute! Plus, you can score some really great deals from September sales.To help you out with thoughtful gift choices, we came up with 5 holiday gift ideas that can are perfect for these five types of people on your list: Bookworm, Decorista, Foodie, Techie, and your significant other. Get inspired with these ideas and start shopping right away so that come December, you’ll be all relaxed and at ease, and most importantly, ready to enjoy the holidays!

The BookwormArtful coffee table book. A friend who loves books and reading will be very happy when presented with a coffee table book on a subject they love! Do they love photography? Give them a gorgeous coffee table photography book; not only will they love the book, they can also display it on their coffee table to make a great decorating choice! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!The DecoristaModern vase set. If you have a friend who’s constantly rearranging their furniture or repainting their walls, then home decor gifts are the perfect choice.Since your decorista friend is probably pretty picky about his or her decorating theme, a safe, but thoughtful, gift is a vase set in a neutral color. A black or white modern 3 piece vase set will go with most home decor, so you’re sure to give a gift that will instantly be loved and well used. To add to the thoughtfullness, fill the vases with fresh flowers to brighten up any winter blues.(Bonus – Many furniture and home decor stores have major clearance events in September, so if you get started on your shopping right away you might be able to get a great deal on a very impressive home decor gift.)The FoodieHigh-end spice rack. For the foodie friend who loves to cook and eat, a spice rack can be the perfect holiday gift! Choose a spice rack with a stylish and efficient-to-use design and your friend will love you for it!There’s a wide selection of spice racks that can vary from gross, cheap spices to exotic (read: expensive) spices and everything in between. Don’t come off as a cheapo by buying the cheapest spice rack you can find because you can certainly taste the poor quality; it would be better to choose a nicer spice rack with fewer, more quality spices to keep the cost down.The Techie Subscription to an online TV streaming service. The hardest people to shop for are the “techie” types. They usually already have all the latest gadgets and gizmos, and you don’t want to appear to be out of the loop by giving a gift that is “so two weeks ago.” Instead of trying to out-techie your friend, give a gift that will compliment the gadgets they already have.If you’ve ever visited a techie’s house and watched TV with them, you know that they have their television hooked up to the internet so that they can stream videos and TV programs right on to their TV without having to pay for cable. Most of the streaming programs like Hulu or Netflix require a subscription to use, so a perfect gift would be to pay for a few months of their favorite streaming service. They get free TV, you don’t have to school yourself on the latest tech gadget – win, win.

Your Significant OtherA romantic getaway for you and your partner! And lastly, for that special person in your life, how about surprising them with tickets for a romantic weekend getaway? Knowing how much effort you put into planning and surprising them with a trip will definitely show your thoughtful, romantic side.No time or money for a getaway? Have a winter staycation! A quiet bed and breakfast in your town can be the perfect respite from the stress of the holidays even if it’s just for one night.A thoughtful holiday gift will not only be appreciated, but it will also avoid the “return pile” – the ultimate in gift rejection. Fortunately, finding the perfect, thoughtful holiday gift for your loved ones is not that difficult if you use these suggestions and start shopping early! Getting started holiday shopping now will let you have a longer time to think on what your loved ones might appreciate, as well as shop around for great ideas and deals.

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