Package Holidays – Best Tips When Choosing Your Package Holiday

Package Holidays – Best Tips When Choosing Your Package Holiday

When choosing a package holiday, make sure you check some these details before booking. They may seem like obvious points, but can be overlooked in the excitement when making your package holiday.1) Flights – Make sure the flight times are suitable for you; this mean both outward flight (to your holiday destination) and inbound flight (the flight home again). Sometimes the times of the outward flight look good, but the inbound flight times are in the middle of the night. This may not be so important if you’re travelling with adults, but this can spoil the holiday if travelling with small children.

2) Accommodation Distance from Airport – It’s possible that the airport is on one side of the island, and your holiday accommodation is on the other; meaning you have to travel for a couple of hours on a bus. Again, this may be OK for adults, but cause a problem for those of you with young children.3) Resort Type – Is the resort you are staying in suitable for your holiday party. You may not appreciate being surrounded with rowdy couples if you’re trying to get a 2 year-old to sleep.4) Board – What “board” are you expecting to get. Some holidays are self catering, which means no food is laid on, although you should get basic kitchen facilities. “half board” means you’ll get you breakfast and dinner included in the price, but will have to pay for your lunch time meal. And “all inclusive”, which means all meals, snacks, soft drinks, and some alcohol is included in the price. All inclusive can look much more expensive than self catering, but you do know how much your holiday is going to cost

5) Heat – make sure you know how hot it will get at your destination, going to Greece in August might seem like a good idea on a cold January Monday morning, but can you really handle the heat

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